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​Student loan interest
One-half of self-employment tax paid
Adjustment on Form 1040 of health insurance premiums for some self-employed persons
Penalty on early withdrawal of savings
Alimony paid (does not include child support)

Medical transportation - including tolls, parking, and mileage for visiting doctors and dentists and picking up medicine
Nursing home expenses that are primarily for medical care
Medical aids such as crutches, canes, and orthopedic shoes
Hearing aids, eye glasses, and contact lenses
Hospital fees for services such as nursing, physical therapy, lab tests, and x-rays
Equipment for disabled or handicapped individuals
Part of life-care fee paid to retirement home designated for medical care
The cost of alcohol, drug abuse, and certain stop-smoking treatments
Special school costs for mentally or physically handicapped individuals
Wages for nursing service
State income taxes owed from a prior year and paid in the current tax year
Payment by December 31 of last quarter estimated state taxes
Personal property taxes on cars, boats, etc.
Taxes paid to a foreign government
Mandatory contributions to state disability funds
Points paid on mortgage or refinancing
Property donated to a recognized charity
Cash contributions to a recognized charity
Mileage incurred in relation to charitable activities at 14 cents per mile
Casualty and theft losses in excess of $100 and totaling more than 10% of adjusted gross income
Education expenses paid to maintain or improve job skills
A handicapped individual's work-related expenses
Professional journals, magazines, and newspapers that are job-related
Cost of safe deposit box used for investments or business
Seeing eye dog or guard dog for business
Required uniforms and work clothes not suitable for street wear
Union dues
Employment agency fees or commissions
Home office expenses, if primary place of business



​Job-seeking expenses within present field of employment including agencies, resume preparation, parking and tolls, long distance charges, and travel expenses
New business start-up costs
 Dues to professional organizations
Business gifts up to $25 per customer or client
Employment-related moving expenses
Business expenses including travel, meals, lodging, and entertainment not reimbursed by your employer
Cleaning and laundering services while traveling for business
Tools bought for use at your job
Cellular phones required for business
 Worthless stock or securities
Commission to brokers or agents for sale of property or property management
Fees for tax preparation or advice
Legal fees to collect taxable alimony
Expenses up to $50 per month for an exchange student living with you
Services of a housekeeper, maid, or cook needed to run your home for the benefit of a qualifying dependent while you work
Gambling losses to the extent of winnings



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