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​Having back taxes is a problem and usually a disconcerting one.  The longer the back taxes stay unfiled the problem will only grow. Whether You need IRS back tax relief and this is a service we provide

Once you retain us we will begin to provide the back tax help you need

Our first step at Daniel Cullinane CPA is to inform the IRS that we have been retained by the taxpayer to file the back taxes.  This will automatically give us an extension to file the back  taxes and will stop any collection activity. We file personal, corporate, partnership and nonprofit tax returns. For INCOME TAX PREPARATION  we have the capability to file in all 50 states. Daniel Cullinane will be your IRS designee which means I accept responsibility to address any questions the IRS may have on your return. As your designee my name, the firm's name, address and phone number and federal id number will be on the return. Back taxes is a problem that needs to be resolved. The most important aspect to resolving the problem is INCOME TAX PREPARATION  of the back tax returns then we can proceed to get you help paying the IRS if you need it by setting up an IRS PAYMENT PLAN , or an OFFER IN COMPROMISE  to  get the debt from the back taxes reduced  In addition we have TAX ABATEMENT SERVICES, which also can reduce your tax bill We have the  INCOME TAX PREPARATION software to file an IRS return as far back as needed and we can file a state return in all 50 states.

Back taxes need not be a burden that you carry. Just filing the back tax return and having professional representation  is going a long way to solving the problem.