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Spending on single family home construction remains 40% below the levels of a decade ago but new forecasts project US investment in residential remodeling and repairs this year will surpass records set during the housing boom. The expense for repairs and remodeling is expected to surpass $300 billion this year, according to forecasts from John Burns Real Estate Consulting, ahead of the previous high of about $285 billion in 2007. Remodeling and home building both declined significantly in the years following the real estate bust but the fall was much less steep for home renovation. Experts said the unusual nature of thei housing recovery , with very low inventories of houses for sale often leading to price appreciation and bidding wars, has prompted many home owners to stay put and improve the home they have.

After  years of trying to wean Americans off unlimited data plans and get smartphone users to pay more for heavy use the wireless industry is reversing course. The country's two smaller operators T-Mobile and Sprint on Thursday  brought unlimited data plans back from extinction. T-Mobile said it would stop selling monthly data packages, while Sprint dropped prices for its unlimited service. Earlier this year AT&T launched an unlimited data plan for customers who subscribe to its home television services. On Wednesday the carrier said it would stop charging extra fees when customers exceed there monthly limits, opting to slow their connections instead. Verizon Communications last month made a similar move for customers on its biggest data plans. 

The changes are the latest attempts by the companies to lure customers in a saturated industry that has seen Americans hold on to their smartphones longer  and switch between carriers less frequently. rather than collect more revenue as data usage climbs, the carriers are finding different ways to manage the surge in usage. Wireless executives who once thought revenue could grow apace with data usage have realized user demand i sclimbing more dramatically. Their responsde has been to sharply boost data allowances Much of the surge in data consumption comes from customers watching videos from services such as Netflix or YouTube on mobiel devices.  The new plans address this issue differently. T-Mobile and Sprint lower the quality of all video streame on their newtworks for customers of unlimited plans. AT&T & Verizon slow connections to 2G speed for customers that exceed their data caps makng it difficult to stream video