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FRAUD PREVENTION for all levels of fraud and abuse including management fraud

10 Step Antifraud Action Plan

Step 1 Anticipate Questions and Manage Expectations

Step 2 Assess Existing Antifraud Programs and Controls

Step 3 Secure Management and Audit Committee Sponsorship

Step 4 Assemble Fraud Expertise with Internal Audit

Step 5 Organize a Fraud and Reputation - Risk Assessment

Step 6 Link Antifraud Activities

Step 7 Evaluate and Test the Design and Operating Effectiveness of Controls

Step 8 Refine Audit Plan to Address Residual Risk and Incorporate Fraud Auditing

Step 9 Establish a Standard Process for Responding to Allegations or Suspicions of Fraud or Misconduct

Step 10 Remediate and Prevent Recurrence

If you suspect management fraud or fraud and abuse at 

any level call us.  We can help prevent fraud and also investigate

potential fraud and abuse