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FRAUD PREVENTION for all levels of fraud and abuse including management fraud

10 Step Antifraud Action Plan

Step 1 Anticipate Questions and Manage Expectations

Step 2 Assess Existing Antifraud Programs and Controls

Step 3 Secure Management and Audit Committee Sponsorship

Step 4 Assemble Fraud Expertise with Internal Audit

Step 5 Organize a Fraud and Reputation - Risk Assessment

Step 6 Link Antifraud Activities

Step 7 Evaluate and Test the Design and Operating Effectiveness of Controls

Step 8 Refine Audit Plan to Address Residual Risk and Incorporate Fraud Auditing

Step 9 Establish a Standard Process for Responding to Allegations or Suspicions of Fraud or Misconduct

Step 10 Remediate and Prevent Recurrence

For a full detailed plan call us at 855-870-5544

If you suspect management fraud or fraud and abuse at 

any level call us.  We can help prevent fraud and also investigate

potential fraud and abuse