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At Cullinane CPA we believe the finest compliment we can receive is a referral of your friends and family… but we also believe you should be rewarded for doing so.And starting last year, we’ve improved on rewards you can get by more than doubling the compensation you’ll receive: Get $50 CASH for every new client you refer to CULLINANE CPA


Furthermore, unlike in years past, you won’t have to wait until after April 15th to receive your rewards.  As soon as your referred client agrees to a fee for Cullionane CPA  services, you will be notified by email to come pick up your cash!  It’s that simple. Plus, there is no limit to the number of clients you can refer! Refer 10 clients, get $500.  1000 clients? No problem!  Here’s $50,000…

Lastly, you don’t even have to be a current  client to refer new clients for cash! If you are not a current client, click here to register and start receiving your cash rewards for referrals today!  

It literally pays to team up with Cullinane CPA.  Schedule your appointment with a Cullinane tax professional today, get your taxes prepared quickly, correctly and find out if you qualify for our $200 Cash Advance and/or our $1,250 Refund Advance.

Dealing with taxes may never be fun, but when you join the Cullinane CPA team it certainly is rewarding!

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